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Find the best selection of customized weight equipment for your gym. At Holland Strength and Fitness, we create the best styles of gym equipment on the market. We believe in giving you the complete package and providing you with the highest quality available.  

Our Mission

We value the relationship established with our customers, employees, community, and environment, and we believe that this partnership is our priority.  We aim to become a nationally recognized brand by providing our consumers with the best quality available.  We will reach this goal by charging reasonable prices for one-of-a-kind, tough equipment you can't find anywhere else. 

Our Promise

Finding quality gym equipment customized around your individual needs doesn't have to be difficult. At Holland Strength & Fitness  we manufacture innovative workout equipment for commercial gyms, schools, and home users tailored to our consumer's exact wants.  We aim to provide not only strength and fitness equipment but a lifestyle of health by offering products that are made to satisfy your needs.

Our equipment is not mass produced, but rather made individually with a specific user in mind. We have the ability to customize color as well as cut logos and gym names into all products.  We believe all of our products should be made exactly how our consumers want them.    

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